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Historian is a permanent solution for your long term plant data storage, management, reporting and analysis. It solves a problem with Magneto Optical Disks and stores data on modern VMOD server.

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Feature Highlights

Historian Charts Sample


Powerful custom interactive charting components allows quick visualisation and exploratory of all data. Multiple signals over ten years in a couple of seconds? No problem!

Analogue Binary RAW Data OPC Aggregation Interpolation Scatter Chart Line Chart Bar Chart PNG Export Customization Navigation


Not only that you can export any RAW or interpolated data into CSV or Excel file, you may also provide your own Excel template and automatically produce scheduled reports every day!

CSV Excel RAW Data Interpolated Data Custom Templates Scheduled Reports

Historian Documentation Sample


Tired of diving deep into the ocean of blueprints just to identify what signal is this? With our Historian you may find the relevant signal documentation, explanation and procedures using just one click!

Logical Diagrams Blueprints Procedures KKS Navigation Cabinets Racks Channels

Root Cause Analysis

Ever wanted to find the cause of the problem within minutes? We've got a tool specially for this! Quickly scroll through the time to the problematic spot, filter out irrelevant signals, consult the documentation for preceding events and you're done.

RCA Timeline Logical Diagrams Alarm Management Heat Map

Historian Data Analysis Sample

Data Analysis & Alarm Management

It's apparent, that lowering the number of alarms increases the efficiency of operators and whole plant. But how to do that? Our analytical tools quickly finds the problematic spots and help you eliminate them. And this is just one example ...

Alarm Optimization MTBF Failure Rate Histograms Alarm Management Exploratory Analysis Pareto Chart Performance Reports

Historian Data Accessibility Sample

Data Accessibility

We believe in open formats! Therefore if you wish, you may use your plant data via standard SQL connection. We have full support of the OPC-UA Standard (DA/HDA/AE) and if you need, we may also add optional OPC Classic HDA connector.


Want to find more about the company or the OM650 Life Extension product?

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Historian is a product of the Bohemia Market CZ company and is an important part of the OMLEX solution. It is being sold also through our KB-IPS sourcing platform. See their websites to find out more.